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What Good Readers Do Posters

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These posters are a great addition to any classroom! There are various sizes included to meet the diverse needs of learners and teachers. The full size posters are great for displaying on the board or in a bulletin board. They come with “I can…” and “I know…” statements. The half size posters are great for displaying in a area of limited space. The bookmarks can be printed and glued into reading journals or planners.

These Posters Are Perfect For:
• whole class
• small group
• guided reading centers
• literature circles
• interactive reading journals
• reading journals
• test prep

Topics Covered in This Download:
• Good Readers... (8 different posters with the skills listed)
• Set a Purpose for Reading
• Preview the Text
• Activate Their Background Knowledge
• Make Predictions
• Use Their Prior Knowledge
• Infer
• Monitor Their Comprehension
• Ask Questions
• Answer Questions
• Visualize
• Make Connections
• Find the Author's Purpose
• Determine Importance
• Look for Key Details
• Find the Main Idea
• Summarize
• Draw Conclusions
• Read Aloud
• Reread
• Read Fluently
• Read with Accuracy
• Pay Attention to Punctuation
• Think About the Mood of a Passage
• Look for Problems and Solutions
• Look for Cause and Effect
• Compare and Contrast
• Identify Story Elements
• Think, Think, Think!
• Read the Titles, Headings, and Captions
• Analyze Charts, Figures, and Maps
• Look at Text Features
• Use Resources to Find the Meaning of Unknown Words
• Use Context Clues
• Make Mistakes
• Look for Challenges
• Practice
• Synthesize
• Discuss and Respond
• Know that Faster Doesn't Mean Better
• Use Graphic Organizers
• Write
• Apply Their Knowledge to New Situations
• Read, Read, Read!!
• Have Fun!!

Multiple Printing Options
You will find multiple sizes for many of the pages included to fit your needs. Select the size that works for you, print, and go! There are two bookmarks with all the titles listed for journals, hand-outs etc. and two handouts with all the titles listed and graphics.

Don't Have a Colored Printer?
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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