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Weekly Workouts Language Arts 3rd Grade Preview/Review Weekly Activities

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My Weekly Workouts Language Arts set is designed to be used every week as a preview/review activity. Each week students will complete twenty problems that cover every standard in the third grade Language Arts core. This allows them to cover the core concepts every week all year!

Topics Covered in This Download:
• L 1: grammar and parts of speech
• L 2: capitals, commas, quotation marks, spelling patterns
• L 3: words and phrases for effect (not hit explicitly but covered by completing other activities)
• L 4: unknown and multiple meaning words, root words, dictionaries
• L 5: literal and nonliteral, idioms, similes, shades of meaning

Easy Two-Page Format for Printing, Copying, and Student Answers
This set is presented in a two-page layout to allow students more room to show their work as they think through each problem. Not only do students have to answer questions, they also have to explain why their answer is the correct one. The two-page layout allows students to describe, justify, explain, illustrate, and create their work.

Easily Inform Your Instruction on a Weekly Basis
These pages are great for informing your instruction as they are broken down by standard. You can compare students’ results week to week and see what concepts they are weak in. You can also use these pages to form small groups, re-teaching groups and math centers.

This set is very versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways. If you want to use it as a preview/review activity it can be given to students early on in the year. If you choose to do it this way your students will need extra scaffolding at the beginning because of the amount of preteaching you will have to do. The advantage to this method is that students learn to feel comfortable with topics before they arise in your math units and by the end of the year students feel comfortable with all the core concepts. Students can be given the page to complete in a day but that is often overwhelming. It is broken down so that students can complete four problems a day Monday-Friday.

If you choose to use this as a review at the end of the year students can go through the pages once a week or more to review all the concepts covered in the core.

Answer keys are provided for easy grading.

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