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Veterans Day Reading and Writing Activities

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This 54 page product has everything you need to effectively teach your students about Veterans Day! You will receive Veterans Day-themed reading and writing activities, as well as several more serious Veterans Day-themed activities to help them show respect to those who have served our country!

Reading Passages, Grammar, and Parts of Speech Practice
• Veterans Day reading passage and questions
• Veterans Day sentence scramble
• Veterans Day spelling words
• Veterans Day capitalization
• Alphabetical Order
• My Veterans Day
• We Will Always Remember You

Writing Prompts, Poem Practice, and Letter Templates
• acrostic poems (4 templates)
• Veterans Day Haiku
• writing paper and letter template
• patriotic songs writing activity
• Veterans Day word sort
• A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
• Interviewing a Veteran
• A Word to Remember
• Just the Facts
• Bubble Brainstorm

Fun and Engaging Veterans Day-Themed Activities That Help Students Stay Motivated to Learn
• pencil/cupcake toppers (6)
• word search
• Veterans Day word scramble
• Freedom game
• I Love Veterans Day graphing activity

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