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Text Dependent Question Stems

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My text-dependent question stems are the perfect way to get your students back into the text to find answers to higher-level questions. There are 84 different stems that fit key ideas and details, craft and structure, and integration of knowledge and ideas. There are also examples given for each question and ideas on how to use them in your guided reading groups and reading lessons.

Help Your Students Find Evidence From the Text
When reading, students are expected to use evidence from different texts to analyze, comprehend and synthesize information. One of the main tools to help students develop these key reading skills is text-dependent questions.

Text-dependent questions force students back into the text to defend their claims, find themes and patterns, and compare. These text-dependent question stems are perfect for creating these types of questions on a variety of books. They have been left open-ended purposely, to allow each question to meet different levels, genres and formats.

Included in This Download:
•32 pages of teacher directions, examples and question stems.
•84 text-dependent questions tied directly to the Common Core Reading Anchor Standards

Keep Yourself Organized and Ensure You Are Teaching Each Standard
Each question also has the core anchor standard for which it meets typed on each card. This way you can ensure you are meeting all of the anchor standards for reading. The last page has four open-ended questions that could be adapted for each of the anchor standards. There are also two blank cards to fill in your own questions if needed. This document cannot be made editable due to copyright laws.

Easy Printing, Copying, and Cutting Options
There are six cards to a page which makes printing easier. I recommend printing them off on colored cardstock, laminating and cutting them out, and whole-punching the corners so the cards can fit together on a ring. That way all of the cards stay together and won’t be lost to the netherworlds known as student desks.

Print-and-Go Materials
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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