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Summer Review Pack 1st Grade

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Summer review can be helpful to every student! Help your kids avoid the summer slide with my engaging, no-prep Summer Review Packet. You will receive 133 pages of summer review activities that practice important first grade math, reading, and writing skills. This is for 1st graders going into 2nd grade.

CVC and Phonics Practice
• Cover page for book
• CVC Letter Scramble
• Long Vowel Scramble
• Sentence Builders
• Sort It Out (long and short vowel sort)
• Long Vowel Word Spelling (a,e,i,o,u)
• Read It, Write It (long and short vowels)
• Beginning Sounds
• Middle Sounds
• Ending Sounds

Grammar and Parts of Speech
• Spin It, Write It (nouns)
• Name a Noun
• Catch a Noun
• Circle the Verb
• Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

Important Language Arts Skill Practice
• ABC Order
• Spell It Out
• Ice Cream Rhymes
• Spin and Color (punctuation, and past/present/future)
• Summer Sentences
• Best Handwriting (writing words in best handwriting including days of the week)
• Fix It Up (fixing mistakes in sentences)
• Letter Tracing (all alphabet letters)
• Real or Make Believe
• Adding Commas
• Compound Words

Number Sense Activities to Maintain a Strong Mathematical Foundation
• Number Pails (writing numbers in a sequence starting at different numbers)
• Number Words (writing the numeral to match the word)
• More or Less (1 more/less, 10 more/less, 100 more)
• How Many?
• Many Different Ways (different ways to represent a number)
• Ten Frames (addition)
• 120 Chart Activities
• Place value Chart
• Oceans of Place Value (matching numbers to the amount of tens and ones)
• True or False (using addition and subtraction equations)
• Missing Numbers (missing addends and subtrahends)
• Awesome Addition (two digit + one digit)
• Super Subtraction (multiples of ten subtracted by multiples of ten)
• Fin-Tastic Fact Families
• Counting Backwards (by 2's, 5's, and 10's)

Other Math Skills to Help Them Move Into 2nd Grade
• Time Pages (to the nearest 1/2 hour and hour)
• Shape pages (composite shapes)

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