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Student Grouping Cards

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You will receive 8 pages of student grouping cards. These cards provide you an easy way to group your students depending on your needs. You can print them in color on cardstock and laminate them. (I then attached Velcro to the back of each one and attached them to the upper corner of each student’s desk.)

Multiple Ways to Group a Student Using Only ONE Card
• Shapes (4 students per group)
• Color (3-4 students per group depending on how many students in your classroom)
• Even and Odd (2 kids in a group OR 15 kids in a group)
• Letters (2 students per group)

Each one of these will give you different students in each group. You can designate different groups for different purposes. For example: you could make the letter groups be a high and a low student for when you need a high/low pair. You could also make the shape group range from high to low. The possibilities are endless!!

Print-and-Go Materials
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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