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St. Patrick's Day Activities and Printables grades 1-2

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This 62 page pack is loaded with reading passages, grammar practice, writing prompts, and more! It has everything you need to keep your kids engaged while learning!

Reading, Grammar, and Parts of Speech Practice
• St. Patrick's Day nonfiction reading piece
• Graffiti Wall
• Rainbow of Knowledge
• Bubble Brainstorm
• St. Patrick's Day KWL
• St. Patrick's Day Idioms
• Lucky Clover (2 versions)
• St. Patrick's Day pronouns
• St. Patrick's Day parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)
• St. Patrick's Day themed compound words
• Alphabetical Order using St. Patrick's Day words
• Spelling lists, sort, and illustration page

Engaging Writing Activities
• St. Patrick's Day writing prompts (7 prompts plus writing paper)
• To Be or Not to Be (pros and cons of being a leprechaun)
• Drawing a Leprechaun (2 versions)

Highly Motivating Math Pages
Math pages that cover: adding 2 two-digit numbers, adding 2 one-digit numbers, subtracting 2 two-digits, subtracting within 20, labeling a clock, even and odd numbers, measurement units and money!

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