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Reward Coupons Classroom Management System

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This set contains reward coupons for classroom management. There are 100 different reward coupon types in two formats for easy printing and distribution. There are full page reward coupons as well as reward coupons that have ten per page.

Find Cheaper and Healthier Ways to Reward Your Students
Reward coupons are an easy and effective way to encourage positive behavior and eliminate the need for treats and prizes.

Print and Go Reward Coupons:
• Animal Admirer
• Artful Artist
• Brain Break
• Buddy Read
• Butler
• Calendar Helper
• Center Sensations
• Check Out
• Chill Out
• Class Comedian
• Class President
• Class Vet
• Classroom Spy
• Craft Time
• Custodian
• Daily 5
• Dance Party
• Desk Swap
• Doodle Delight
• Electronic Engineer
• Extra Recess
• Flip Flop Fan
• Free Choice
• Front and Center
• Fuzzy Feet
• Gamer
• Get Out of Jail Free
• Grading Guru
• Hat Head
• Help Wanted
• Helper
• Homework Pass
• iPad Play
• Job Swap
• King of the Class/Queen of the Class
• Librarian
• Line Jumper
• Line Leader
• Lunch Date
• Made in the Shade
• Marker Maniac
• Materials Manager
• Morning Glory
• Move Your Desk
• Movie Madness
• Munchies
• My Tunes
• New Eraser
• New Pencil
• No Homework
• Outdoor Eaters
• Pajama Day
• Partner Picker
• Pen Pals
• Pencil Pass
• Pledge Leader
• Popcorn Prize
• Positive Note Home
• Positive Phone Call Home
• Read All About It
• Read Aloud
• Recess Riot
• Recess With the Teacher
• Recorder
• Sensory Play
• Show and Tell
• Skip Morning Work
• Smelly Markers
• Smelly Surprise
• Snack Pack
• Sock Party
• Space Invader
• Special Supplies
• Spelling Bee
• Spelling Sparkle
• Stamp-ede
• Sticker Attack
• Stink Feet
• Story Selector
• Student Teacher
• Substitute Teacher
• Sweet Seat
• Sweet Treat
• Talent Show
• Teacher Lunch Date
• Teacher Supplies
• Teacher’s Chair
• Teacher’s Desk
• Teacher’s Pet
• Tech Expert
• Techy Time
• Time Keeper
• Treasure Hunter
• Watering Hole
• Whiteboard Writer
• Yum, Yum, Chew Gum
• Zookeeper

Ways to Track and Monitor Coupons and Behavior
Most of these require no outside prep other than printing. There are also teacher directions, behavior punch cards and ideas for storage.

Multiple Printing Options
You will find multiple sizes for many of the pages included to fit your needs. Select the size that works for you, print, and go!

Don't Have a Colored Printer?
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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