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Reading Exit Tickets Kindergarten

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You will received 48 pages of exit tickets and answer keys for kindergarten reading. There are 24 word families covered as well as many of the Dolch preprimer sight word list. Each word family and the sight words covered in each ticket are listed at the bottom.

The word families included are:
• -ack (Jack's Sack)
• -ad (Dad is Mad)
• -ag (The Bag)
• -am (Pam likes Jam)
• -an (Dan's Van)
• -ap (My Nap)
• -at (Pat the Cat)
• -ed (Ned)
• -ell (Ted Sells Bells)
• -en (Ben the Hen)
• -et (The Vet)
• -id (Sid the Kid)
• -ig (The Pig)
• -in (Kim Spins)
• -ip (Bip)
• -it (I See a Pit)
• -ob (My Job)
• -og (The Dog)
• -op (My Pop Mops)
• -ot (The Pot)
• -ub (The Cub)
• -ug (The Slug)
• -um (Drum)
• -un (Fun Run)

There are two ways for students to answer: short response and fill in the bubble. These reading exit tickets cover only fiction/literature and are great for guided reading, centers, and homework.

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