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Reading Exit Ticket BUNDLE 5th

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This reading exit ticket bundle includes 25 informational and 25 literature exit tickets. Each informational passage includes a real-life picture. The reading exit tickets are 2 to a page for easy printing and copying. Each reading passage also includes an answer key.

25 Nonfiction Topics to Engage Your Students
• Matter (can be compared with Chemical and Physical Changes ticket)
• Chemical and Physical Changes in Matter (can be compared with Matter ticket)
• Magnets
• Susan B. Anthony
• Cappadocia
• How to Make a Simple Circuit
• Frilled Lizards
• Electronic Menus
• The Battle of Gettysburg (1st person account)
• The Gettysburg Address (1st person account)
• Battle of Gettysburg (3rd person account)
• Tuskegee Airmen
• Volcanoes
• Animal Adaptations: Webbed Feet
• Exercise and Your Mood (cause and effect)
• Betsy Ross
• Chimpanzees
• The Boston Tea Party (can be compared with Samuel Adams ticket)
• Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty (can be compared with Boston Tea Party ticket)
• Annie Oakley
• The Preamble of the Constitution
• Salvador Dali
• Scars
• Erosion (can be compared with Humans and Erosion ticket)
• Humans and Erosion (can be compared with Erosion ticket)

25 Fiction Topics to Motivate Your Students
• Zombie Apocalypse
• My Big Decision
• Hercules and the Wagoner (myth)
• The Dog and His Reflection (fable)
• The Arrow and the Song (poem)
• The Battle Cry of Freedom (poem/song)
• My First Book
• My Favorite Places
• Latesha's Time Machine
• Screen Time
• Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado (folktale)
• Pandora's Box (myth)
• My Tricky Brother
• A Visit From St. Nicholas (poem)
• Yankee Doodle (poem/song)
• Mopping the Floors
• The Homework App
• Jayla and Demarco
• Janecia
• Field Day Victory
• The Biggest Rodent
• Buried Treasure
• The Steel Dragon
• Locked Out
• Taliyah's Walk

Easy Differentiation for Students
• There are two ways for students to answer: short response and fill in the bubble.
• These reading exit tickets cover only fiction/literature and are great for guided reading, centers, and homework.

Quick and Easy Assessments
• Quickly determine what your students know and understand about the topic and the reading comprehension strategies practiced on each exit ticket.
• Each exit ticket quickly assesses your students' level of knowledge and understanding so you can plan your lessons accordingly.

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