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Place Value Concepts Number Sense

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Activities, printables, games, and worksheets that help your students practice core place value and number sense concepts. You will receive 163 pages that cover numbers within 100 and within 1,000 for easy differentiation in your classroom. Place value concepts such as hundreds, tens, and ones, ordering numbers, comparing numbers, expanded form, and more are covered inside!

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones Activities
• place value mats
• Fill It Up 120's charts (4 versions)
• Fill and Count
• Skip Counting (2's, 5's, 10's)
• What's My Rule? (looking for patterns on a 120 chart and creating their own pattern)
• How Many Objects? (counting different objects on the page)
• Counting On (starting at a number and counting on)
• Fill in the Blanks (fill in the missing numbers for 2 digit and 3 digit)

Ordering Numbers
• Ordering Numbers
• Popsicle Order

10 More, 10 Less and 100 More, 100 Less
• Ten More, Ten Less
• 100 More, 100 Less
• More or Less
• Cut It Out

Value of the Ones, Tens, and Hundreds Place
• Cut It Out (counting number of tens and ones and gluing into correct box)
• Color It In (look at a given number and color in the corresponding place value blocks)
• How Many? (counting up base ten blocks and writing total amount in numbers)
• What's the Value? (looking at an underlined digit and writing the value)
• Show It, Write It (writing how many hundreds, tens, and ones a number has)
• Tens and Ones (writing how many tens and ones a number has)
• Hundreds, Tens, and Ones (writing how many hundreds, tens, and ones a number has)
• See It, Circle It (circling numbers with a given value in a certain place)
• Bubble Burst (finding and color in numbers greater than 45)
• Cloud Control (finding and coloring in numbers greater than 515)

Number of the Day Practice
• 11 pages of 2 digit and 3 digit practice on even/odd, expanded form, standard form, word form, ten more and ten less, one more and one less, adding it to itself, and drawing it with place value blocks.

Expanded Form, Number Names, and Base Ten Numerals (practice within 100 and within 1,000)
• Expanded Form
• Draw It, Write It, Expand It
• Chart It Out
• Many Different Ways
• Ice Cream Numbers (matching expanded and word form to numbers)
• Milk and Cookies (matching standard form to expanded form)

Comparing Numbers Using Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal To
• Let's Compare
• Let's Roll (dice game for 2-digit numbers)
• Spin, Write, Compare (2 and 3-digit numbers game where students spin using a pencil and paperclip)
• Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
• Comparing Numbers
• Write It Out (students compare numbers by writing it out in words)
• True or False (cut and paste activity for comparing numbers)

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