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Math Tasks Bonus Bundle

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This 60 page bundle helps supplement using math tasks in your classroom. You will get math discussion questions and sentence starters, math task rubrics, and problem solving strategy posters!

Included in this download:

You will receive 38 pages of math task rubrics in many different formats! Easily grade, reflect, and provide feedback by using these math task rubrics in your classroom. There are also student self-assessment and reflection pages to help get your students really thinking about their learning.

Many Different Scoring Options
• 6 different math task rubrics ready to go
• 7 editable versions to type in your own wording and scoring guides

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection Pages
• 6 different self-assessments for upper and lower grades
• 4 editable self-assessment pages to type in your own wording

Quickly Provide Feedback and See What Your Students Know
Use these rubrics to quickly grade math tasks and see the level of your student's understanding.The detailed scoring guides make it easy to provide accurate and detailed feedback to your student, while provide a snapshot into their thinking.

You will receive 15 pages of math problem solving strategies posters and bookmarks. Each brightly-colored page comes with definitions and examples to help your students really understand what each strategy looks like and how they can use it.

Help Your Students Really Understand Problem Solving Strategies
• 11 different math strategy posters with examples
• Colorful posters for quick reference

Explicitly Teach Each Math Strategy
Our students don't always understand what we mean when we say "Try another strategy." These posters and bookmarks help you explicitly teach each strategy so students know the different methods they can use to approach math problems. They will begin to feel confident as the find strategies that really work for them.

Bookmarks for Quick Reference
Give your students a math problem solving strategies bookmark to have in their desk or that they can glue in their math journals for easy reference. They will have each strategy listed at their fingertips!

You will receive 7 pages of math talk and math discussion questions and sentence starters. There is also a page that defines the roles of the student and the teacher. Students can easily refer back to the examples shown on the posters when trying to generate math discussions.

Help Students Learn How to Have Strong Math Discussions
• I Can Talk About Math poster with examples
• Magnificient Math Talk shows strategies they can use during a discussion

Get Your Students to Start Talking With Sentence Starters for Group or Class Discussions
• Math Talk Group or Partner Sentence Starters
• Math Talk Sentence Starters for Whole Group

Feel Confident Leading Group Discussions
• Math Talk Teacher Sentence Starters
• In Our Classroom WE... rules and procedures poster

Don't Have a Colored Printer?
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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