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Making Ten and Adding and Subtracting Within 10

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Activities, printables, games, and worksheets that help your students practice making 10, decomposing 10, and adding and subtracting within 10. You will receive 91 pages that cover numbers within 10 for easy differentiation in your classroom. Place value concepts such as using ten frames, multiple ways to show ten, number lines, number bonds, part-part-whole, and more are covered inside!

Multiple Ways to Show Numbers 1-10
• All About: Using numbers 1-10, students write it in words, fill in a ten frame, draw tally marks, draw dots on dice, show it on a number line, write an addition and a subtraction fact, and draw objects showing that number. There is also a blank template included.

Multiple Ten Frame Activities to Solidify Number Sense
• Decomposing Ten: Facts that add up to ten
• Subtracting from Ten: Practicing fact families
• Making 10: Using a ten frame to make ten (2 versions)
• Ten Frames: Using ten frames to add and subtract within 10 (3 versions)
• Fill in the Frames: Looking at a number and filling in the ten frame

Number Line, Number Bonds, and Part-Part-Whole Practice to Help Deepen Understanding of Number Relationships
• Number Lines: Adding and subtracting within 10 using a number line (3 versions)
• Part, Part, Whole: Decomposing numbers within 10 (3 versions with one specifically for doubles)
• Number Bonds: Decomposing numbers within 10 (2 versions)

Addition and Subtraction Practice Within 10 to Build Fact Fluency
• Build It Up: Writing all the facts that add up to numbers 3-10
• Pick and Choose: Choosing numbers from two boxes to write an addition or subtraction sentence (2 verions)
• Bubble Popping: Color in the bubbles that add up to 10
• Find It, Circle It: Circling all the facts that add up to 10
• How Many Objects?: Counting a number of objects and writing a number sentence to match
• One More: Students roll a die and add one more
• Five More: Students roll a die and add five more
• Domino Decisions: Students count the dots on two dominoes and circle the bigger number. Then they color in dominoes at the bottom that add up to ten.
• Royal Addition: Adding within ten
• One More, One Less: Students look at a number and write one more and one less
• Puzzling It Out: Writing all the facts that add up to ten in puzzle pieces
• Addition and Subtraction Pages Within Ten: (6 different versions)

Cut and Paste Activities to Keep Students Engaged
• Fact Families: Students look at a number and match the different number sentences to that fact by cutting it out, sorting it, and gluing it (2 versions)
• Cut and Paste: Students cut out facts and clue them next to the correct number (2 versions)
• Bigger or Smaller: Students cut out numbers and glue them in the Bigger Than 10 or the Smaller Than 10 category

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