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Language Arts Review Flashcards

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The standards are full of concepts, ideas and vocabulary that our students need to know, understand, and produce. These flashcards will help students review these core concepts and develop a deeper understanding of the ideas therein.

Included in This Download:
134 pages of full page flashcards, student flashcards, and teacher directions. The student flashcards have ten smaller flashcards on each page.

Topics Covered
• glossaries
• index
• chapter
• atlas
• thesaurus
• dictionary
• fact and opinion
• compare and contrast
• cause and effect
• main idea
• details
• summarize
• visualize
• connections
• predictions
• nouns
• possessive nouns
• verbs
• adverbs
• adjectives
• contractions
• compound words
• multiple-meaning words
• prefixes and suffixes
• root words
• homographs
• homophones
• abbreviations
• character traits
• literal and nonliteral
• nonfiction text features
• reporter questions (who, what, where, when, why)
• idioms
• personification
• irregular verbs
• comparative and superlative adjectives
• what needs a capital
• commas
• apostrophes
• spelling patterns

and MANY more!!

Easily Introduce and Review Core Vocabulary Words and Concepts
I usually introduce the full page flashcards as the terms are brought up in our reading program. Then I add them to a continuously growing pile to review throughout the year. I also split the student flashcards into two piles, cut them on the paper cutter and staple them. The students then have their own books to review as time permits.

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