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Inventors Reading Passages and Response Forms

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This pack has everything you need to teach your students about 22 important inventors from around the world. There are reading comprehension passages, quotes, hands-on timeline activities, brainstorming pages, and biography pages for EVERY person! I also added photograph pages with lines so that your students can write summaries or notes next to each person.

22 Important Inventors Throughout History
• Generic Pages that can be used with ANY person
• Alexander Graham Bell
• Alexander Miles
• Benjamin Franklin
• Cai Lun
• Eli Whitney
• Ellen Ochoa
• Galileo
• Hedy Lamarr
• Henry Ford
• Johannes Gutenberg
• Lewis Latimer
• Louis Braille
• Margaret E. Knight
• Nikola Tesla
• Louis Pasteur
• Patricia Bath
• Sequoyah
• Steve Jobs
• Temple Grandin
• Tim Berners-Lee
• The Wright Brothers
• Thomas Edison

Real-Life Pictures to Get Students Engaged
• Photos with a short biography on each page
• Photos with lines for students to write a summary

Clip Art Pictures For Variety in Bulletin Boards and Displays
• Colored clip art pictures with a short biography
• Black and white clip art pictures with a short biography

Timeline, Biography, and Report Pages for Every Person
• Cut and paste timeline activities for each person
• Report pages for students to fill out important information
• Biography pages on every person

**NOTE: Because of lack of historical recordings, or quotes that cannot confidently be attributed to a person, the following people do NOT have quotes included: Alexander Miles, Cai Lun, and Margaret E. Knight.

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