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Informational Reading Exit Tickets 4th Grade

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You will receive 25 informational/nonfiction reading passages. Each passage includes a real-life picture. The informational reading passages are 2 to a page for easy printing and copying. Each informational reading passage also includes an answer key.

25 Nonfiction Topics to Engage Your Students
• The Water Cycle
• Evaporation
• Sacajawea
• What is a Cloud?
• Types of Clouds
• Timeline
• The Human Eye
• How to Make a Thermometer
• Reading a Table
• Tsunamis: A Giant Wave of Force
• The Blobfish
• Rocks vs. Minerals
• The Rock Cycle
• The Moving Rocks of Death Valley
• The Trail of Tears (1st person account)
• The Trail of Tears (3rd person account)
• Skunks
• Susan B. Anthony
• Dinosaurs
• Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'-Arc
• Dance and Culture
• Wetlands
• Reservoirs
• My Trip to the Giant's Causeway (1st person account)
• Giant's Causeway (3rd person account)

Easy Differentiation for Students
There are two ways for students to answer: short response and fill in the bubble. These reading exit tickets cover only nonfiction or informational topics and are great for guided reading, centers, and homework.

Quick and Easy Assessments
Quickly determine what your students know and understand about the topic and the reading comprehension strategies practiced on each exit ticket. Each exit ticket quickly assesses your students' level of knowledge and understanding so you can plan your lessons accordingly.

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