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Halloween Math Centers Addition and Subtraction

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This 63 page set contains many fun and engaging activities to use in your Halloween math centers or when you want to do something fun and educational during the Halloween week. This pack covers addition and subtraction activities. The facts covered are 0-100.

Many Different Ways to Practice and Review Addition and Subtraction
• Pumpkin Facts (addition game with 2 versions: 1 digit +1 digit and 2 digit + 2 digit)
• Halloween game (addition game like Battleship, 2 versions covering facts 0-10)
• Groups Page (making arrays and groups of)
• Slide and Climb game (addition game like Chutes and Ladders covering facts 0-20)
• Connect 5 game (addition and subtraction game with 2 versions: 1 digit and 2 digits)
• Picture Perfect (BW and colored versions. Students use their knowledge to put a picture puzzle together in order.)
• Follow the Rules (students follow the addition or subtraction rule to solve problems.)
• Tic-Tac-Toe (with addition and subtraction problems)
• Cut and Paste math facts (addition facts 0-10)
• Sort It! (addition and subtraction problems, 2 versions)
• Witch's Brew (addition facts)
• Candy Corn Craze (arrays, repeated addition)

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