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Halloween 1st and 2nd Grade

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This 85 page product has everything you need to effectively teach and entertain your students during Halloween! You will receive Halloween-themed reading, writing, and math activities as well as several fun Halloween-themed games!

Reading Passages, Grammar, and Parts of Speech Practice
• Halloween Noun Hunt
• Halloween Sentence Scramble
• I Love Halloween (students fill in boxes about things they love about Halloween that start with a certain letter)
• Halloween Spelling List
• Halloween Spelling Sort
• Illustrate Your Spelling Words
• Halloween Capitalization
• This is Me on Halloween... (4 different picture frames where students can draw themselves on Halloween)
• Alphabetical Order (2 versions)

Writing Prompts for Creative Writing and Persuasive Writing Practice
• Creative Writing pages (3 different versions)
• My Halloween... (students fill in boxes about their Halloween celebrations)
• Halloween Story Starters (12 different starters)
• Halloween Stories (3 different writing prompts)
• Potions Master (creating their own potion)
• Happy Halloween (finding words using those letters)
• Acrostic Poems (4 versions)

Practice the Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, and More for Deeper Understanding of Core Concepts
• greater than/less than (3 digit numbers to 1,000)
• Patterns (patterns within 1,000)
• What's my Rule? (patterns within 1,000)
• odd and even numbers
• 10 more and 10 less (using 3 digit numbers)
• 100 more and 100 less
• Missing Numbers (find the missing number in an equation using numbers to 20)
• Add and Subtract (1+1 digit and 2+1 digit)
• How Many Seeds? (1 digit addition and subtraction to 10)
• finding the mystery number
• Maze Runner (skip counting by 5's)
• Scary Symmetry (students finish drawing the other half of a Halloween picture)

Fun and Engaging Halloween-Themed Activities That Help Students Stay Motivated to Learn
• Halloween Riddles
• Halloween Scramble
• Witchy, Witchy (a game of categories)
• Make Your Own Vampire (students draw in the rest of a face to create their own vampire)
• Make Your Own Monster (students draw in the rest of a face to create their own monster)
• class party reminder notes

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