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Guided Reading Bookmarks

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You will receive 3 pages of bookmarks to use in guided reading groups, literature circles, and reading instruction blocks. Each bookmark helps your students dive back into the text to answer higher-level thinking questions.

How They Work
I use these bookmarks in many different ways in my classroom. They help students conduct a close read and delve into the text. There are three different bookmarks that all cover important reading concepts. Make sure to model, model, model so the students know how to fill them out correctly! These can be used for fiction and non-fiction. Some examples of how I use them are below.

Guided Reading Groups:
My students use these bookmarks to help them understand the books we are reading in group. We read and discuss the book together in group, then students work on the bookmarks individually at their seats.

Seat Work or SSR (Silent Seat Reading):
The students read a book of their choice and fill out a bookmark.

Basal with Whole Class:
After reading a story from our reading program, we fill out a bookmark.

Print-and-Go Materials
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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