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Equivalent Fractions Activities and Printables

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This 54 page pack has posters, printables, games, graphic organizers and more that will help reach every student. Your students will be engaged and having fun while learning about finding equivalent fractions.

Posters for Easy Reference and Classroom Display
• equivalent fraction poster
• number line poster
• least common denominator poster
• comparing fractions poster

Engaging Games and Activities to Practice What They've Learned
•fraction bar printables
•Spin and Color fraction game (2 versions)
•Multiplication Table Fractions
•Write, Color, and Draw fractions
•Table It!
•Equivalent Fraction color pages (2 versions)
•Equivalent Fractions dice game
•Perfect Petals
•Write the Room Equivalent Fractions (10 posters)
•Equivalent Fractions
•Make It Equal
•Prove It
•Question and Answer
•Whole Numbers as Fractions
•Comparing Fractions (3 versions using <,>,=)
•Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To

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