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Desk Fairy and Desk Monster Clean Desk Notes

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This 6 page set contains desk fairy, desk monster, and a heart note to reward students with clean desks. When the students are out of the room, you can play desk fairy and leave a nice note and a small reward on their desk!

Notes for Positive Classroom Management
• desk fairy notes
• desk monster notes
• heart notes

Motivate Students to Keep Their Desks Clean
• Reward students who have worked hard to stay clean and organized
• Reward students who have made positive changes in their cleanliness and organization skills
• Students will feel special and thought of when they come back into the room

Easily Reward Students
• Print off the note and attach a small prize (candy, pencil, eraser, glue stick, etc.)
• Students will enjoy getting a reward for their hard work

Don't Have a Colored Printer?
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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