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Close Reading Toolbox

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You will receive 3 pages of close reading toolbox printables. These pages will give your students the tools necessary to begin diving deeper into the text and promote understanding.

How It Works
The language arts standards talk extensively about conducting close reads. A common best practice is to have students “read with a pencil”. This allows them to find evidence, quotes, etc. directly from the text to mark and review later. I have created this toolbox page with common symbols for my class to use. They make these marks as they go along the passage (during the 1st read) so we can come back and discuss them later (usually during the 2nd and 3rd reads).

If it is a book/selection that they can’t write on, I give them small sticky notes to write these symbols on. That way they can still delve into a text without wrecking the book!

Print-and-Go Materials
All Create-abilities resources are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Don’t have a color printer? No problem. Pages that do not render well in black-and-white have black-and-white copies included. Be classroom-ready with a quick print.

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