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Classroom Rules Book

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This Classroom Rules Little Book is a fun and unique way to help your students learn your classroom and school rules. There are 42 different pages in regular and EDITABLE forms. That means you can either write or type directly onto the pages!

This book is great for Back to School!

Places Around the School:
• Our Class Rules
• Our Hallway Rules
• Playground Rules
• Recess Rules
• Cafeteria Rules
• Lunchroom Rules
• Library Rules
• Bus Rules
• Computer Lab Rules

• Respect Self
• Respect Others
• Respect School

Whole Brain Teaching:
• Follow Directions Quickly
• Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak
• Raise Your Hand for Permission to Leave Your Seat
• Make Smart Choices
• Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy

The "Be's"
• Be Responsible
• Be Helpful
• Be Honest
• Be Kind
• Be Caring
• Be Respectful
• Ways to Show Respect (3 versions: in class, hallway, playground, to adults, to peers, in the cafeteria/lunchroom)

Whole Body Listening
• Give Me 5
• Listening Ears
• Watching Eyes
• Lips Closed/Lips Zipped
• Hands Are Still
• Body is Still
• Feet Are Quiet

• We Do: please, thank you, kindness, I'm sorry, mistakes, honesty, respect, happy
• A Great Classmate Is...
• A Great Student Is...
• Student Rights and Responsibilities
• We Promise To
• My Goals

You can pick and choose what pages to use to fit your needs. You can make one large book or several small ones!

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