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Classroom Procedures Book for Back to School

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This Classroom Procedures Little Book is a fun and unique way to help your students learn about your classroom. You can customize this book to fit the unique needs, spaces, routines, and procedures of your classroom. The half-page size make it easy to print, copy, staple, and pass out! There are 41 different pages in regular and EDITABLE forms. That means you can either write or type directly onto the pages!

This book is great for Back to School week or the first day of school!

Getting to Know the Teacher Pages
• Book Cover
• Welcome and Contact Info
• All About Me (2 versions)

Important Policies
• Absences and Tardies
• Homework
• Missing and Late Work
• Asking Questions and Leaving Your Seat

Important Classroom Procedures
• Procedures Lists for the teacher
• Important Terms
• Why Rules and Procedures?
• Backpacks, Attendance, and Lunch Count
• How to Head Your Paper
• Working With a Partner
• Snacks and Drinks
• Birthdays
• Other
• Miscellaneous
• Student Rights and Responsibilities (2 versions)
• blank pages for you to add your own content

Daily Schedules
• School Schedules
• Class Schedules
• Specials
• Morning Routine
• Morning Work

Around the Room
• Pencils, Drinks, and Bathroom
• What's in My Desk? (2 versions)
• Class Jobs
• Around the Room (2 versions)
• Centers
• Finding and Using Supplies (2 versions)

Entering and Leaving the Classroom
• Lining Up Before School and Entering the Room
• Lining Up
• Bus Information
• Field Trips

You can pick and choose what pages to use to fit your needs. You can make one large book or several small ones!

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