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Classroom Birthday Set

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Classroom birthdays should be a fun time to celebrate each child individually. This 42 page birthday set makes celebrating in your room easy and fun! You will receive bookmarks, certificates, notes home, bulletin board pieces, and more!

Make Every Student Feel Special With Certificates, Bookmarks, Pencil Toppers, and More
• birthday bookmarks
• birthday cupcake/pencil toppers
• birthday certificates (5 different colors, 4 black and white)
• birthday girl and birthday boy pages for students to write comments/wishes on
• birthday wishes (students write what they wish/hope for for the birthday person!)
• It's My Birthday page (the student fills in information on themselves as a yearly keepsake)
• Happy Birthday graph (your class can graph each student's birthday)
• Past, Present, Future (students write how they were when they were little, what they are like now, and what they think they will be like in the future)
• birthday crown with headband extenders
• Happy Birthday word wall activity
• birthday color page

Celebrate the Birthday of Every Student in Your Classroom, No Matter When It Is
• summer birthday celebration note home

Organize Every Child's Birthday in Easy to Create Displays
• monthly headers for birthday lists
• cupcakes, balloons, present for birthday lists or decorations

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