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Christmas Math Centers 1st-2nd Grades

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Fun, holiday-inspired math centers perfect for the Christmas season! This 33 page pack has graphing, time, addition and subtraction, and more! They are great for this hectic time of year to keep your students engaged and learning while having fun!

Place Value, Number Sense, and Addition and Subtraction Practice
• Biggest Number
• Least Game (2 versions with 2 digits and 3 digits)
• Most Game (2 versions with 2 digits and 3 digits)
• Connect 5 (2 versions: 1 digit addition and 1 digit subtraction)
• 12 Days/December 31st (using number cards to add up to 12 and 31)

Time, Shapes, Fractions, and Graphing Practice to Keep Kids Engaged During the Holiday Season

• Time Match (hour and half hour)
• Shape Fractions (halves, thirds, and fourths)
• Money Puzzle Cards
• Spin and Color Shapes (number of sides and number of angles)
• Color, Count, and Graph

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