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Change of Mindset Posters

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Growth mindset can be powerful for our students in every classroom. This poster set is a great way to help adjust your students negative self-talk. Each poster gives them examples of ways to turn negatives into positives. There are also Spanish versions included.

Many Different Examples of Growth Mindset
• change your words, change your mindset posters
• I don't understand/ What am I missing?
• I give up./ I'll use some of the strategies I've learned.
• I made a mistake./ Mistakes help me improve.
• This is too hard./ This may take some time and effort.
• It's good enough./ Is this really my best work?
• I'll never be as smart as her./ I'm going to figure out what she does and try it.
• I can't make this any better./ I can always improve. I'll keep trying.
• I can't read./ I'm going to train my brain in reading.
• I can't.../I'm going to keep trying until I can!
• I'm not good at this./ I'm on the right track.

Great for Bulletin Boards or Hallway Displays
The bright colors on each poster help the words and ideas stand out. The negative statements purposely are not in color and do not have pictures. This helps reinforce visually how negative thoughts can affect us.

***The set has been updated to include a PowerPoint version of the posters in English and Spanish!***

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