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Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set

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Bullying can cause hurt feelings, tears, and emotional scars. This pack helps define the many different types of bullying as well as how to handle it in different situations.

Bullying Definition Posters
• What is Bullying? poster set (includes definitions and examples for: bullying, tattling, telling, reporting, kindness)
• Types of Bully poster set (includes: exclusion, cyber, physical, social, verbal)
• 3 non bullying posters
• 8 inspirational quote posters

Reading Passages and Printables on What Bullying Looks Like and How to Stop It
• What is Bullying? reading comprehension passage and questions
• Is it Bullying?
• Who's Involved?
• Be More Than a Bystander
• Why Do People Bully?
• Face It!
• How Do You Feel? (using two real pictures)

Role Playing Activities So Students Can Practice What They've Learned
• 12 Buddy and Bully task cards
• Buddy and Bully response sheet
• 24 bullying role play cards and die

Tattling vs. Telling: Is It Really Bullying?
• Before You Tell The Teacher poster
• Tattling vs. Telling
• Tattling vs. Telling sort

Activities to Have Students Look Inward
• Things I Do That Might Bug Someone Else ( 5 versions)
• When Something is Bugging Me, I Can Say...
• ways to handle bullying poster
• Take a Stand
• How Can I Be a Friend?
• Buddy or Bully?
• Pat on the Back

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