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Biographies can be a fascinating and engaging way to teach note taking, researching, writing, and more! Students always seem to be more engaged when they get to learn about the life of someone else. This pack can be used with any person that your students choose to research!

Posters to Use as Visual Reminders in Your Classroom
• biography definition poster (in color and black and white)
• elements of a biography (2 versions)
• biography checklist

Note Taking Pages to Help Organize Information
• All About _______
• Biography Notes
• Jot It Down (note taking page)
• Timeline (2 versions)
• All About ____: Just the Facts
• The Official Biography of ____

Create Your Own Biography Book on Each Person
• Biography Book Pages including table of contents, just the facts, early life, middle life, late life, education, family and friends, biggest accomplishments/failures, hobbies, life's work, heroes and role models, profession, interesting facts, character traits, pictures, sources, and bibliography

Hands-On, Interactive Activities
• Biography vs. Autobiography Sort
• Biography Sketch
• Biography Craftivity where your students can draw the person they are researching and compile the information they've learned into one eye-catching page.

Easily Differentiated Pages
There are three different templates to choose from per book page. This enables you to easily adapt to the level of your learners. There are pages that enable single words or simple sentences to pages that have room for full, developed paragraphs.

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