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Back to School Set Getting to Know You and Parent Forms

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This back to school set contains 150 pages of activities, parent forms and classroom organization help.

Teacher and Classroom Forms for Better Organization and Management
• teacher directions
• absent student forms
• absent folder cover pages (to put any work the student missed inside)
• Scrabble alphabet letters for bulletin board
• schedule cards (72 total)
• numbered crayons for attendance, line-up order etc. (1-36)
• classroom library labels (class books, realistic fiction, Junie B. Jones, Jerry Spinelli etc.)
• Desk Fairy cards (3 different versions)
• month labels
• cupcakes, presents, candles for birthday bulletin board
• Happy Birthday certificates (5 different versions)

Getting to Know You Activities
• My "Me" Cube
• I Can't Funeral slips
• All About Me Poster
• All About ________ Poster
• This is Me! Self-portrait page (landscape and portrait)
• My Favorite...
• All About Me page
• Dear Me...
• Blank letter template
• My New Friend compare and contrast
• My Family Tree (color and black and white)
• Family History pages
• How Did You Get Here? graphing activity: bar graph, pictograph, line plot, circle graph, tally chart
• My Goals
• "My-phone" activity
• Back to School color page

Letters and Forms for Parent Communication
• Parent/Guardian contact form
• Parent Volunteer form
• Class party/activity assignment form

Ice Breaker Activities
• How Much is it Worth? (Addition activity: two versions)
• Interviewing a classmate page
• Introducing a classmate page
• Find a Friend Who...
• Classmate Scavenger Hunt
• Guess Who?
• School acrostic poem

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