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Area and Perimeter Poster and Activity Set

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This 46 page pack gives your students many different opportunities to learn about and practice area and perimeter formulas. You will receive posters, printables, graphic organizers and more!

Anchor Charts and Posters for Easy Reference and Classroom Displays
• Vocabulary Posters
• area and perimeter four square anchor charts

Area Using Square Units Practice to Build a Strong Foundation
• Unit Square
• Area or Perimeter?
• Area Square-e-a
• Equations

Move Toward the Abstract by Solving Equations With Pictures and Word Problems
• Multiplication Madness
• Word Problems
• Decomposing Rectangles 1
• Decomposing Rectangles 2

Perimeter Practice Pages
• Perimeter Practice 1
• Perimeter Practice 2

Finding the Area and the Perimeter of Shapes
• Same Area, Different Perimeter
• Same Perimeter, Different Area
• Many Different Ways (multiple ways to find area and perimeter)
• Area and Perimeter

Fun and Engaging Area and Perimeter Activities Using Food and Spelling Words
• Cheese Cracker math
• Spectacular Spelling (finding the area and perimeter of spelling words)

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