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Adverbs Printables and Interactive Notebook Templates

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My Adverbs Pack has 83 pages of posters, printables, and engaging activities to teach your students about the different types of adverbs. There are multiple formats to help include all learners.

Posters to Use as Visual Reminders
• Adverb Definition in Color and BW
• Types of Adverbs Poster
• Types of Adverbs blank template to fill in

Understanding Adverbs
• Name It! (3 versions)
• Circle It!
• Sorting Adverbs
• Fix the Mistake
• Find It, Fix It
• Fix the Mistake 2
• Fill It In
• Fill in the Blank
• How, How To, Where, or When?
• Chart the Adverb
• Chart It
• Adding –ly
• Ly Activity
• ABC Adverbs
• Describe That Action

Comparing Adverbs, Verbs, and Adjectives for Deeper Understanding
• Sweet Adverbs
• Stack “Em Up!
• Sort It!
• Color It
• X Marks the Spot
• Verbs That Can Be Done…
• Find the Adverb
• Match ‘Em Up!
• Write It Out

Engaging and Interactive Activities for Every Type of Learner
• Color It In!
• Adverb Charades
• Interactive Notebook Templates

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