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Addition and Subtraction Puzzles

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Included in this 89 page set are two piece, three piece, and four piece puzzles. These puzzles are quick and easy ways for students to practice addition facts, doubles, properties of addition, relating addition and subtraction, and more!

Topics Covered in the Puzzles:
• addition facts
• doubles
• doubles plus 1
• counting on
• fact fluency
• properties of addition
• fact families
• related subtraction facts
• making ten

Two Piece Puzzles Practicing Facts Through 20
• practice equations with the addition sentence on one side and the sum on the other side
• practice addition facts with the addition sentence on one side and the sum show in a domino format on the other side

Three Piece Puzzles That Tie Into Place Value
• the large piece shows an equation, the two smaller pieces show the answer in number form and using base-ten blocks

Four Piece Puzzles That Show the Properties of Operations
• the four pieces show a related subtraction fact, the commutative and associative properties and the answer shown on a domino

The puzzles are great for differentiation among students as well as math centers or even homework!

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