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Addition and Subtraction Flashcards

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This 198 page set comes with everything you need to review your addition and subtraction fact families. The flashcards cover facts from 0+0 to 10+10. They come in three formats: horizontal, vertical, and part-part-whole.

Show the Connection Between the Operations
These flashcards don't have the plus or minus signs on purpose. The goal with these cards is to show students how the numbers are related.

I stand in front of the class with my set of flashcards. We then look at the first one and say a very specific set of phrases. It may sound redundant, but I promise you it’s powerful. I’ll use the fact 2+3 for my example.
2 plus 3 is 5.
3 plus 2 is 5.
5 minus 2 is 3.
5 minus 3 is 2.
2, 3, 5.
2, 3, 5.

Get Your Students Actively Engaged in Learning Their Math Facts
When we get to the last part where we just say the three numbers, we hold up a finger for each number. This gets their bodies involved. We also switch it up by using silly voices, whispering, etc. I don’t recommend doing EVERY flashcard EVERY time. That gets very tedious and repetitive. I would do 5-10 minutes worth max. Try to keep the phrases moving fairly quickly.

I promise your students will benefit from these flashcards if they are used daily. I had kids in Special Education, ELL’s, and a wide range of learners. Every child benefited from practicing their math facts this way.

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