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Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency Program

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My Mighty Math Fact Fluency Program is packed with timers, tests, review sheets, and answer keys. It has everything you need to help your students review and master their facts. This covers facts through 20.

Included in This Download
• punch cards for organization and motivation
• 43 two minute timers that cover addition and subtraction facts
• 43 five minute timer tests

How It Works
Students are given a timer Monday-Thursday as part of their math routine. They are timed for two minutes. In those two minutes they must complete the addition side and the subtraction sides. You can have the students trade them and grade them or you can collect them and grade them yourself. Answer keys have been provided. There are two versions of each of these tests so students can't memorize the answers and will actually learn their facts.

The next 26 pages are the corresponding tests that the students take on Fridays. For example, if they have been on add/subtract 2’s for their timers all week, they will take the add/subtract 2’s test on Friday. If they pass this test with 100%, they move on to the next level of timer. I print the Friday tests front to back and time each test for two and a half minutes. Answer keys provided.

Finally, there are four pages of different stars included that can be used for bulletin board displays, achievements, notes home, etc.

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