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2D Shapes Book

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My 2D Shape pack has 106 pages that give your students many different opportunities to learn about, recognize, and draw different shapes. The book is half page to help with printing, copying, and stapling. The size also helps students be able to store them inside their desks or folders for easy access to this information. Teaching this important geometry concept has never been easier or more fun!

Definition Pages for Deeper Understanding
• What is a shape?
• What is a polygon?

Attributes and Definitions of Many Different Shapes
• Circle
• Semicircle
• triangle
• square
• rectangle
• rhombus
• trapezoid
• parallelogram
• pentagon
• hexagon
• octagon
• Polygons
• Quadrilaterals
• Other Shapes
• Right Triangles

Attribute of Shapes Practice Pages
• What am I? (10 versions where students look at listed attributes and try to figure out what the shape is. This covers all the common 2D shapes.)
• Write It! (2 versions with shape attributes)
• Shape Search (square, triangle, rectangle, circle, pentagon, octagon, hexagon, rhombus)
• Which One? (Students answer questions about shapes based on certain attributes.)

Tangram Pages Students Will Love
• tangrams
• tangram bunny and tangram fox
• Draw It! (2 versions. Students draw shapes based on attributes.)

Types of Lines and Angles Practice
• Parallel Lines
• Perpendicular Lines
• Angles 1
• Angles 2

Assessment and Review Pages
• Which of These? (Students answer questions about shapes.)
• True or False?
• Hierarchy (polygons)
• Hierarchy (triangles)
• Table It! (3 versions: 1 with 'corners' listed and 2 with 'vertices' listed.)

These pages can be printed out and stapled into a book for students to fill in as an assessment, review, homework, math centers, and more! Your students will love having all of this critical information right at their fingertips.

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