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2 Step Word Problems Addition and Subtraction

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This two step word problem pack provides your students with timely practice on a difficult skill! Students struggle with how to break down and understand what is required of them when trying to solve addition and subtraction word problems. This pack helps your students walk through each step of the problem so they can clearly see what information is needed.

Posters and Visuals to Hang in Your Classroom:
• Solving 2-Step Word Problems (3 steps to follow)
• CUBES (Circle, Underline, Box, Eliminate, Solve) in color and bw

Pages to Break Down the Word Problems Into Easy to Manage Steps
• Solve the Problem (5 problems and blank template)
• Word Problems (10 problems and blank template)

Help Students Learn How to Explain Their Thinking
• How Did You Solve It?
• 2-Step Word Problems
• Solve It!

Engaging Activities for Math Centers or Group Activities
• 2-Step Word Problem Scoot (12 problems)
• Word Problem Puzzles (12 different puzzles)

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