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Dropbox: A Simple Classroom Management Tool


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Dropbox Classroom Management Tool

Mornings in our classrooms can be a little crazy:

Students are coming in and getting started on their morning work.

Attendance needs to be taken and recorded.  

Homework needs to be checked or turned in. 

That one parent reeeeaaaallllyyyy needs to talk to us even though we have 1,000 kids surrounding us. 

Sound familiar? 

I found a simple and easy tool that can help cut down on the chaos. Enter the Dropbox. All it is is a container with a label. Simple, right? Its purpose is to help cut you out of some of the morning and daytime craziness. It's a catch-all, a place for students to place any and all notes/documents/late slips/lunch money/random math manipulatives that they need to give you throughout the day. 

A student comes in 20 minutes late with a late slip while you are teaching? They quietly place it inside the Dropbox for you to grab later. 

A student found 1 Unifix cube, 2 pattern blocks, your favorite pen, and a bent paperclip they are SURE you want, they can place them inside the Dropbox. 

A student brings their lunch money for the runner to take down. They place it inside the Dropbox until the appropriate time. 

Get the picture? It's versatile and easy to use. The best part is it cuts down on students handing you things throughout the day and you can empty it when you have a moment. 

Just use any small container that you have near by. I got mine from the dollar store.

To grab your FREE Dropbox sign, either we can email it to you, or you can download it from the 'Files' section of our Create-abilities Teacher Community Facebook Group. If you haven't joined the group yet, it's a great way to stay up-to-speed on everything Create-abilities, including product announcements, sales, freebies, live broadcasts, giveaways, and more!





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